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Stereo Theory Question


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First of all to the Mods - I've put this in this section as it's where the electrcal bods are. If you want to move it to the Off Topics section, then please do.

Right then the question:

I have stereo seperates, if I have the amp and CD player on and then I turn just the amp off will his thoretically cause any damage to the system. The CD player will still be generating a signal so where does this electric go, is the signal earthed somehow and dissapated, does it float around the CD player causing a loop somewhere, does it still flow into the amp?

I was thinking about this a while ago and basically I haven't got a clue, anyone want to chip in a suggestion?

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Actually, a tiny amount of power is still dissapated by the input impedence of the input section of your amp. Not much current at all and will cause no harm. :D

Cheers mate, I was just wondering and couldn't really bend my head around it.

Sorry about the late reply, I've just dragged myself off my deathbed :D

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