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Where to buy material

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Hey Aaron,

I am wanting to do the same thing so if you come across a pattern like the JEM77FP, please let me know where you found it. I think I will search some fabric stores and see if there is something else I might like better. I have an RG470 that I acquired off ebay and it somehow managed to come with an RG550 neck (Wizard... at least it looks and feels JUST LIKE my RG570) which should make a great project guitar. I plan on doing the TRS to Hardtail conversion with it also.


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You need to find a large retail chain like Target, K-Mart, or WalMart, or a fabric store that has a wide selection (try also places that recover furniture).

Don't be afraid to ask the females (Mom, Grandma, old hags at the market :D) where you can find some good material (100% cotton or cotton/polyester blend - don't use silk! B) )


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