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Super Switch Wiring


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Could someone show me how to wire a 2 hum guitar with Dimarzios, 1 vol 1 tone with a super switch that has the following positions:

1.Bridge Humbucker Series

2.Bridge Humbucker Parallel

3.Inner Coils Series

4.Neck Humbucker Parallel

5.Neck Humbucker Series

Thanks a bunch.

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Have you tried sitting down with the terminals, and working it out yourself? Honestly, wiring isn't impossible (even if you're lousy at reading wiring diagrams; I still just draw pictures of the pots), and understanding what part of the signal is going where is very important if you run into any trouble...

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I could do that but I don't know if I would get it right, also, I'm not quite sure how this switch works, so anyone who could help would go a long way in helping to do that.

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Ok, I've tried to the best or my ability, but I keep getting stuck on making a way for the black and white (I'm wiring DiMarzio's) wires to come together for series, but stay apart in positions 2 and 4 for parallel.

So if someone could help me, even give me a hint, that would be awesome.

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Give me a day or so - I've been really swamped with some repairs and a new amp prototype, but I'll try to get it drawn up and posted tomorrow or the next day. Just so we're on the same page, that's a four pole StewMac Superswitch, right?

<Edit>Here ya go - not nearly as tricky as I thought!


As always, check my work before building, but this one looks correct to me. Let me know if I missed something! :D

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