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Appreciate any help from those of you with staining expreience as I've hit some kind of problem that must be 101 level, but I haven't found any online answers.

I'm staining a mahoney body and maple neck and havign exaclty the same problems with both. I'm using cherry red color tone stain on top of oil pore filler on the body and on top a few coats of varithane on the neck-

in both cases, I have tried to apply the stain evenly but at times will get blackish steaks in the coat. Sometimes these streaks will get darker if I go back and try to feather them in and sometimes they actully get lighter.

At first I assumed I was just getting these areas too thick so I sanded it down and went at it again- Same thing has happended agagin, and in the process of 'fixing' these inconsistancies, I introduce even more uneveness-

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

I've considerd sandign down and going back with thined down stain in case this is a thickness issue, but before I go there I wanted to get some ideas from those who have gone before me-

thanks in advance

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I'm using cherry red color tone stain on top of oil pore filler on the body and on top a few coats of varithane on the neck-

theres your problem.

Perry- Help me understand- I have to fill the mahogany pores right? I've always understood that you do this first, but are you thinking there's a reaction with the oil?

But if this is the case, what about the neck? It's maple and didn't need filling, but I had to seal the the neck because I had already dyed the front of the head black-

But I've got this excact same streaking on the maple as well-

If one was streaking and the other not I would have been suspicious of what was underneath, but it's completely different in both cases.

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oil seals. Fill the pores with something else, read the instructions (see what is stainable), use putty maybe?

whatever you used on the neck has sealed.

Stain needs to go onto wood.

Get the sand paper out, start again.

I do not like oil based sealers, this is one reason why.

ok. so both are sealed and these streaks are caused by too much stain 'sticking' to some sections and not enough in others?

Ok, thx for the input!

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+1 what Perry says.

I don't think you mentioned the type of stain you're using. I'm assuming it's an "aniline" dye similar to Colortone. This type of stain is meant to be applied directly to bare wood. If you've got varithane or some other sealer on there it won't penetrate. If you've not sanded back properly and left pore filler or sealer anywhere other than in the pores, you'll get blotchiness where the dye sits on top of the filler.

Sand sand sand :D


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