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Floyd Rose On A Tilt Back ?

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i'm in the process of building a lespaul scale super strat from usacustomguitars(really top quality necks and bodies)

..dinky s body,63 profile strat neck(lp scale)jumbo frets and emg slv's and 1 85 in the bridge..

and a floyd original complete with sims l.e.d. fret lights..

any problems having a floyd on a tilt back 3 per side headstock?... :D

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You asked if it was OK to have a floyd on a 3 per side tilt back headstock.

You can do that way, but the floyd is traditionally mounted on the body :D Y'get it?

Seriously, you can use floyds with any headstock, provide the head angle is the same or greater than the angle set in the bottom of the floyd nut. If it's less, screwing down the lock blocks pulls the tuning off.

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thanks lads..i get the joke now :D

i just wanted to confirm everything was cool before spending money on the woods..

as i said before this is going to be a scale conversion neck(lp scale) on a strat body..

anything else i should take into account?????pickup placement etc?

im a lespaul player but have always wanted a lespaul feel but with the benefits of a trem and 2sc 1hb etc.

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