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Maple Fretboard

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I'm looking for a birdseye maple fretboard (slotted or unslotted) with either a compound radius or no radius at all (25.5 scale). Warmoth sells them in 10" radius only.

Do you think I could do a compound radius on top of a fretboard with a 10" radius? I know I will lose some thickness in the process but I'm wondering if it's just not a good idea to attempt it.

Any ideas on where I might find one of these? I tried all of the links in the wood supplier list in the ProjectGuitar site. The closest I could find was exoticwoods.com but their wood comes unsurfaced (very rough - nothing is straight or flat). I was hoping to find something a little easier to work with than that.

I would also settle for no birdseye if I could find a compound radius fretboard but my first choice would be the birdseye.



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:DB):D:D:D holly rock bottom prices batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh right the radius thing.... well i've tried it on a neck and... i duno i'm still kinda iffy on weather not i like it... i mean i think i did a fairly good job... but.. well right now the neck is "doing it's thing" for a month or so cause i'm lazy *cough* i mean cause the wood needs to relax!!...

but i think from now on i'll be sticking to 10-14 constant radiuses..

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Well check on his other auctions he is loaded up with the stuff.

I'd be cautious though, you are most definately buying blind - every auction has a photo of the same piece of maple, and that's just a small area of a board.

I'd definately request more photos.

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