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hi there brand new here.I have a couple of guitars to show off but can,t find how to post pictures.mostly computer stupid.do the pics have to be posted to the web?any help would be appreciated.thanks

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go to www.xs.to . You can easily upload your photos there without even creating an account. After you upload each photo, they give you a set of codes. Use the code(for a forum) that creates a thumbnail of your picture linked to the full size picture. All you do is copy/paste the code into your post on this forum.



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This is widely used free service here. Just make sure that your pics arent too big, edit them down for the PG boards to something reasonable and not too many pics per post (should be 1 and 4 for GOTM), course you could always add more posts to add more pics...and a few small ones you'd probably get away with.

Just set up a name with photobucket. Upload the jpg to them, then copy the url under the pic (control C) then press the button to post a pic and paste it in (control V) then preview or post and the pic will come up...easy as!

Also, I just opened an account (also free) at www.soundclick.com which hosts MP3's so you can link to that to post sounds which is pretty neat!

Oh Yeah, and welcome to PG always like to see more guitars...pete

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That's an html image tag, this site uses it's own PHP style [^img]http://www.champlaincollege.qc.ca/st-lambert/site2/newsite/images/mainpage/banner_01.jpg[^/img]

Remove the '^' from each. I did that so you can see it.

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