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Favorite Tunomatic Setup?

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Right, so I'm planning out my third-build-from now (after a lefty pointy explorer and two other acoustics), a Les-Paul-esque sort of guitar, limba/maple cap, and the friend I'm making it for wants gold hardware, and wants a tunomatic bridge/tailpiece setup. I've got fairly minimal experience with the things (installed one cheap one, once; I prefer wraparounds or flat-mount bridges m'self), so I don't really know what's worth getting.

The Gotoh 510 setup that StewMac sells looks solid (locking bits and bobs), but is a touch on the expensive side, and has fairly non-trad styling (not entirely sure I like it). I'm quite up for an aluminum tailpiece, although I'm not too hung up on it, but I'm mostly curious about quality perceptions of the actual bridges; I'm personally not wild on the old-school tiny threaded rod thing; it looks flimsy, and I'd rather have posts/bushings to help hold the bridge in place. I also want something with good quality plating, so that sort of rules out most budget bridges (and honestly, I've only really ever heard bad things about budget ToM setups) This said, I don't want to go spend crazy money (100 bucks is about my limit), so, anyone have fave bridges and/or sources they'd like to share?

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I like the gotoh bridge and tailpiece I got from LMII, and their price made me cry compared to buying the eqivalent product in the UK. Stew Mac sell the same one, but IIRC they are a bit more expensive. Be aware that the gotoh bridges are a bit um...wider than the ABR style, so they don't look totally vintage. By wider, I mean they have a longer adjustment range, not a greater string spacing. I like the extra adjustment, and don't find the look objectionable, but I do prefer the ABR dimensions a bit more - though it is a *tiny* detail.


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Thanks! I'm not too fussed about the 'vintage correct' look, since my singlecut's probably going to be closer to a Myka or PRS single than a Gibson (basically follow the same kind of lines I use on my acoustics and doublecut electrics).

EDIT: I've just noticed Warmoth seems to have the same stuff as LMI (Gotoh ToM) for a very nice price:


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