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What Top Nut Do I Need For My Flyod Original?

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Come on lad, if you're buying a neck from USACG don't you think you could ask them what they recommend? Seriously, I took about 3 seconds and looked on the website. I found this:

Locking nut plateaus are available in place of the standard nut. We don't offer the nut bolt attachment holes thru the neck - we've seen too many guitar necks crack and have other wood stability problems due to those darned holes! Top mounted locking nuts are available - so do your neck a great service and get one of those instead! The cost is an additional $25.
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You don't have to have the floyd locking nut (carvin for example). Also, one could easily understand USA's statement as meaning that you can buy a *top mount* floyd style locking nut *from them*, which I don't think is so. They just mill the flat for it, for $25.00.

Floyd nuts get harder to find when you want the *top mount* option, and then the * string radius* you want the nut to be, can make it even harder, if not impossible, to find the correct one.

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