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Marking Fret Slots

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i was planning on using stew macs fret finder but something struck me odd (as usual). On the side it says you could be off by as much as a 1/8" by the 12th fret if you use the "fret-to-fret" calculations. I was going to use a digital caliper to get out the proper measurements (ex:7.469"). but if im going to be off by 1/8", i might have to scrap that idea...how would i read decimals in the thousanths on a tape measure?

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They mean if you measure from fret to fret it will be out a lot.

When laying out frets by hand in the past I have measured for each fret from the nut position. THis way the errors don't get compounded as you measure. If a fret is wrong, it's one fret and not all of them.

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