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Neck Won't Stain?


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Hey... I have a mighty mite maple neck I'm trying to stain and having trouble- the stain (stew-mac water) just won't "take". Is this because the maple is so hard and smooth or has the neck maybe been treated somehow. I'd really rather stain the headstock face to match the maple top. Is there some secret method?



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Mighty Mite® Fender® Licensed Replacement Necks, are made from the finest Northern Michigan & Canadian Hard Rock Maple. Completely shaped, fretted, inlay and finished with a clear satin laquer. Mighty Mite Necks include, truss rod, position markers on the side and finished nickel frets.

Well, there you go. :D

Depending on what type of "lacquer" MM uses, the tinted shellac should still work (sand it first with something like 320 grit). But if it's polyurethane I think you're out of luck, unless you completely sand it back to bare wood. Caveat - tinted sealer over maple won't look exactly like a maple top with dye applied to the bare wood, but it might be close enough for you, especially if it's just the headstock.

Or you could put a matching figured maple veneer on the headstock, but that might be more work than you planned on.


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