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Refinishing An Ibanez Grx20, Questions...

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So hello, I'm new here, and I decided it would be wise to join up since this is my first time even taking apart my guitar. I have a few questions though, for anyone who can help.

First of all, I wouldn't be refinishing if it wasn't for the fact that the friend who put some sweet color change flames on the guitar did a crappy job on the clear, and also just put them right on top of the original finish. It was cool for awhile, but the flames are rubbing through and chipping a lot, and since I beat on the thing, I've chipped once or twice through the black factory finish. And now that I've got my other guitar (used Ibanez RG 170, emerald green :D the color is so nice, I wish it wasn't chipped) I can destroy this one as much as I need to.

So basically the idea is to strip down the entire body, and refinish with stain, paint on in black a stencil I am making of a hibiscus (Hawaiian) flower, and a really nice shiny clear coat. I have picked out a Minwax color... Red Oak to be specific. I would have gone for a purple dye, but I don't currently have the option of ordering online.

Here is the body in it's current state. I am hoping to leave as many of the electronics as possible connected and attached to the pickguard, so all that's left to do right now is unsolder the back ground and the jack, and remove the trem claw, and some other small things.



Not a great guitar, swimming pool and all, but I'd like it to look a little nicer if possible, and use this as practice.

So first of all, what is your opinion on staining? I have read all the tutorials, but I'm still a little lost in the grain filler and sand sealer, specifically when and how to use them. Also, do I need to remove the trem shafts before I do this, or can I just cover them? If so, how would I put them back into the guitar? Do you think that wipe-on poly is an acceptable finish? I'm sorry, I feel completely clueless, but the last time I did anything involving wood was about 5 years ago in shop class, and that was making dumb things...

So basically, any suggestions, ideas, and especially answers, are appreciated, I am hoping this goes moderately well because I would like to finish more guitars in the future, and possibly learn to build... thank you!

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