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Natural Finish


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A hardening oil like Danish oil or Tru-Oil, not pure Tung Oil (which doesn't dry quite so well). Search the forums for discussions, lots out there. Basically, though, I sand to very, very fine grit (1500 or so), finish with some synthetic steel wool, apply a bunch of oil coats (with a rag: wipe on, let settle a bit, wipe off excess, repeat every 6 hours, scuff sand level every 2-3 coats if necessary), finish off with fine steel wool to level everything, apply some past wax (carnuba/beeswax mixture, NO silicones), let it set, and buff hard to a satin sheen with an old t-shirt. Works a charm, gives the wood a wonderfully warm glow. I never bother filling the pores; it's wood, they're natural, it looks fine without it.

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