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Alternative To Dremel Contour Sander (uk)


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so I'm finally ready to try a scallop on this cheap neck I bought before christmas but I can't seem to find anything like the Dremel Contour Sander mentioned in the tutorial on the site. Does anyone (in the UK) know of any tools that are of similar design that should do the job just as well?

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A cheap and fairly accurate way to sand the scallops would be to buy a few dowels ranging from 1/4" up to 1 3/4" and just wrap sandpaper around short lengths of them.

Why didn,t I think of that! I want to scallop my neck just from the 19th fret. I "made" a drum sander from a 32mm drill bit by wrapping cardboard around it for stiffnes and covering that with sand paper. I then put it in my drill clamped the drill to my workmate and fed the headtock into it until I had a nice curve up to the nut

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