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is it worth it?

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all that's left of my first guitar is the body and it is in need of some restoration. it's been hurt pretty bad but I think it could be repaired. the question is, is it worth it? one thing that makes me question this is the neck pocket. it's the right size, except it's too deep. I noticed this when test-fitting a 22-fret neck (it used to have a 21-fret neck). it's about the thickness of a pickguard too deep.

the things making me consider restoring it are:

1) it was my first and I destroyed it out of stupidity (major mojo thing there)

2) it used to sound pretty good unplugged

3) I want a strat to go with my superstrats

4) if I succeed, it will cost me less than buying a new body (money that can be invested in a scalloped neck)

5) I already ordered and payed for the wood (not much money, but what will I do with the wood if I don't restore the guitar?)

If I do it, I'm doing it the same way brian converted that RG body into a hardtail, except I plan on putting a vintage-style trem in there again.

need some input on this operation.

just noticed I have 5 more days before I'm internet-less... :D

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