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Couple Questions About Re-doing A Guitar...

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Hey everyone, I just have a question about building a guitar before I start buying all the materials. Sorry if my question is dumb, but this is my first guitar im building. My question is:

The Ibanez Destroyer was originally 22/medium frets, and I want 24/Extra Jumbo frets, so would there be a problem if I simply swithed out the two necks?

thanks, John (Shredder) :D:D

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Are you building the body from scratch? If so, there's no real problem. Just take the changes you've made into consideration when planning your build.

If you're using a pre-made neck and a pre-made body, you may have an issue. Read up on intonation. Depending on how that neck sits in the pocket, you may end up changing the scale length and messing up intonation. Not a huge deal, worst case is you have to remove and reinstall the bridge in a slightly different location. If it's a non-trem guitar, that's not so bad, if it's a trem guitar, it's a little difficult.

If you get one of those 24 fret necks with a "shelf" type fingerboard extension, then this is not a problem. Those take these things into consideration by making sure the neck joins in the same place (i.e., the length from nut to bridge is the same) and that the extra frets extend pass the end of the neck and over the top of the body. Of course, this may mean modifying pickguards if they're present, and may mess up already made pickup routes (if you have the body routed for a humbucker right up against the neck, that will need to be worked around if the longer fretboard extends past this point.)

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