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Luther School In Ga?


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Does anybody know whether there is a luthier school in north ga that i could attend to help with some hands on experience? I would really like to start carving out crazy designs and making my own guitars. But I think fretting and making the neck would be much more than i can handle with out a little hands on learning. If any one can help i would appreciate it!

steve :D

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Im going to Minnesota state Southeast tech for Acoustic and electric construction... I may also take the other stringed instrument repair classes.. What are the chances of getting into some shop after taking thoes courses?

Minnesota state se tech? Where is that Winona?

Definitely take the instrument repair classes to beef up your resume.

The market is real tight. Just try floating your resume around to gibby, fender ect.. If you can't get hired to by a builder. You will have to work as a sales clerk/guitar tech at Schmitt Music, or get a small business loan and start up your own shop.

The guitar techs in Duluth suck!

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I have sent them like 4 e-mails to send me a packett so i could learn about tuition and things like that but no reply. I tried the number on the site and didn't get an answer. Do you know any other way of reaching him?


PM me, I have John's email address and number. We do spray work for them now and then.

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If you're in Northern Georgia while I'm in southern South Carolina, anyone is more than welcome to come hang out in my shop for a day if they're willing to make the drive 1-hour north of Savannah to Hilton Head Island (granted, I personally am only there for limited times, ie: college holidays). Keep in mind, I've only got 3 builds done, but if you're just starting, or worried about necks, or really like inlay I can probably help. And any help is better than no help. But yeah, Georgia guys, I'm actually gunna be there starting this Saturday, up til like the 12th, so if anyone wants to come round the shop and talk guitars and maybe learn a little drop me a PM and we'll see what we can do. (please no people with like 4 posts... this is still the internet...).


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