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How To Do This Finish - Jackson Kelly Swirl

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edit: Oh sry. It makes it sound like Im doing the tutorial. but im asking for it. sry :D

Hi I've seen this guitar for a lonnnnggg time around and it looks stunning. The finish and details..

The guitar is the Jackson Kelly series here

Anybody have any idea how to do this?? Or it's just one of those from guitar factories you can't imitate..

(hopefully not.. :D )

Thx in advance!

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its easy. Do some research into hotrod old skool paint effects. There are different "styles" of effect, all achieved with the same process. If you cant spray two pack, eg: full safety gear, spray booth, and good quality spray equipment, dont bother. You get ONE chance with this stuff, and if you stuff it up, it looks AMAZINGLY terrible.

Its is also quite expensive for the good quality paints, which cant be purchased in small enough quantities for less than ten guitars.


Look in the main website's tutorials. such as this.

Experiment a bit... try making it look like that vortex-y swirl, and of course, test on scrap beforehand.

That tutorial has NOTHING to do with the paint effect the original poster is after.

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