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African Cedar And Whitewood

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What the heck is 'African Cedar', exactly? You sure it's a suitable wood for the neck? 'Cedar' is a term applied to such a huge variety of woods (few of them true cedars) that it's more or less meaningless. Got a species name on 'whitewood'? I've seen it at Gilmer, but other than that I've never heard of it.

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Quick google reveals 'whitewood' is more commonly known as Abeche or Obeche, very stable, fairly lightweight wood (on par with alder, and the heaviest whitewood is on par with the lightest of Limba, which is usually not the black stuff), ballpark of light alder and lightweight swamp ash.

Spanish Cedar, Cedrella Odorata, is commonly used in classicals, and has been used for some electric guitars. It can be fairly light, and perhaps a little on the 'weak' side, but it varies enormously. I'd have no compunctions about using it, although I would do my standard pair of CF/HotRod neck reinforcement combo.

Other detail: whitewood dust can be an allergen (one of the first hits on googling it is a pubmed hit for an article in the American Journal of Immunology), ditto Cedrella. Wear proper respiratory protection when working with it!

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