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6 screw vintage to two post modern?

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I'm not sure about that. I, for one, prefer the old 6-screw trems because they have more contact points with the body. To me they have better tone and sustain.

I seems like you could just remove the one, and screw in the other. As long as the position of the saddles isn't that different, you should be able to tune, intonnate and play in a couple of hours. But, if you have to be neat about it, I guess you could plug up the other 4 holes, sand and finish.

It doesn't seem like it would be that difficult to do.

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Really it's just a matter of locating the correct placement for the trem anchors and drilling a hole for each one. Tap them in and screw in the new trem post's. Should be fairly simple since that style of bridge still stays on top of the body and can use the exsisting trem cavity.

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