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Multiple Amp A/b


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I tried to search for what i was looking for, but i didnt know what keywords to use, and i couldnt search for just A/B.

I was wondering if its possible to make some type of signal splitting box, so i could have the guitar signal running into two 15 watt amps at the same time.

Is this possible?

how would i go about constructing such a device?



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I don't think you need to get too complicated...

I have a splitter jack here --it's a male jack on one side with two female jacks on the other. It's not a cable, just a jack, nice and small.

I just tried it out, running two cables, one into my guitar amp, the other into my bass amp....sounds really great. I didn't notice any loss of signal.

I wouldn't plug the jack directly into the guitar though--you'd be lugging around two cables. But you could plug the jack into a pedal and then lead the signals out from there. Or you could get an extension cable that gives you a male jack on one end and a female jack on the other.

Of course, doing it that way you don't get any A/B control, but if that's what you really want, just get an A/B/ A+B box.

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Have a look at this site --they have something even better--

M4MM 1/4" Mono Y Adapter. Used to combine two audio signals into one or split a single audio signal into two. One mono 1/4" female phone jack to two female mono 1/4" jacks. Cost $2.50 --with this one you can use regular guitar cables, I'm guessing, and you don't need no stinkin' pedals... :D


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