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Total Shielding Tutorial?


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I was just wondering if anyone can link me to a guide for 'complete shielding' like literally shield as much as possible as I'm going to be ordering a bunch of pickups soon and I hate any noise and would like to cut it down as much as possible.

Plus, I'd've thought this would be an important thing to have in the tutorials on the main site but I couldn't see one?

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Probably nobody wanted to reinvent the wheel. :D

All the information you need is found at Guitarnuts.com. On the left menu there's a "Wiring and Shielding" option. The disclaimer/info page pops up in the main view, and on the left there are further menu options now displayed.


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Shield everything you can think of and then look for more. Make sure the shielding has electrical continuity (will carry a signal) and is grounded to the strings (either through the bridhe sctres on a hardtail or the tremelo claw anchor on a tremelo set up). Don't let the shielding touch bare wires or connection points for your pots, jack, etc....otherwise, no sound will eminate from your nice new pick-ups.

There's shield paint, adhesive backed tape, or foil. I use copper foil.

Hope this helps.

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