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Treble Bleed Circuit In A Bass?


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I've kind of gone crazy(or so it would seem) with an old Gibson-Epiphone EB-O style bass. First I split the original humbucker so that I have 4 wires coming out. These 4 wires will go to a push-pull type pot(500k) that will be in the tone control position. I'm going to wire the switch to a series-parallel configuration. From there I'll go to the volume control(500k). I was wondering about putting a "treble bleed" circuit(a simple one using just a cap) across the "hot" legs of the volume control. Does anyone have any suggestions about what value cap I should use in this application. I'm trying to get as many tone variants from this bass without altering its appearance? Am I Crazy? Oh yeah, from the volume control I'll go back to the(500k and .047mF cap) tone control. -baggman :D

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