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Tack Cloth "cheese Cloth"


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I don't like it all that much. Not the greatest stuff for cleaning a rough(ish) surface. I had some residue left on the wood and the poly simply would not stick in some areas. It was like water running off a duck's back. Now I use a can of compressed air and soft cotton cloths for final dusting.

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Tack cloth is a big NOOOOOOO!!!!! when finishing now . Used to be it was made with dewaxed shellac. ( years ago) Any good woodworker knows that they contain wax now. which leaves a residue and may hamper the final finish.

Nuff Said. My .02cents worth.

I haven't used one in the last ten years, Use a clean cloth with naptha, mineral spirits, or denatured alcohol to clean with. the first two are the best. Let dry a while and then finish. I'm almost fifty and been at this awhile (woodworking thats is)

(at least 30 years) and I hope I have a small amount of experience with this. You may get by, but is it worth the risk of a great piece of wood to screw it up?

Hope I've turned you off of the tack rag. If you need more support on this subject check out and search the archives on the Knots woodworking forum at



Mike K

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Its strictly for removing dust from smooth surfaces. And even then don't rub too hard. I've done some fairing work on high end yachts and we used it on the primer coat prior to MEK (methyl-ethyl-Ketone, nasssty stuff) washdown followed by polyurethane resin paint topcoat, (nasssty stuff again). :D

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what about the ones that say on the pack "contains no wax or silicone" should i just be safe and not trust it at all (like im thinking) or are these ones different?

You may be safe with those, as I have not even looked at tack rags in many years. Maybe they got smart? LOL:)))


I actually just noticed that the ones I have been using are the ones that say they contain no wax or silicone. Like I said earlier, haven't had a problem with finish sticking, but looks like it's a risk...

That's cool , count yourself lucky and I hope they work well for you.

I'm glad that they are now available without wax as I have'nt even considered them for a long time.

I learn something new everyday LOL:))))



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