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Where To Get My Custom Pickguard?


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I got paid for the AirZone so I can finally get this pickguard I want for the model 1a. I recently learnt that standard 8 holes Strat pickguard will fit so that's great news, but not all companies offer what I want.

Matt black single ply, 2 holes (in between holes 1 and 2, and 2 and 3 compared to a normal Strat) for knobs, standard 5 way switch, routed for one hum at the bridge and a single at the neck.

Now I know Warmoth would do it, but I don't know how it'd happen for the taxes since I do not have a credit card. If I get caught I wouldn't be able to pay. I'd rather call up a place in Europe (no taxes) or in the UK.

Would you guys happen to know anywhere?

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I get the feeling like I stumbled inside your brain and I'm reading your stream-of-consciousness thought process? What AirZone? What's a model 1a? Huh? :D


Have you looked at the web sites for some of the custom pickguard makers? Maybe they already have what you're looking for. But if you don't have a credit card, how would you pay anyway? I have stuff shipped from the states, as long as it's not sent first class airmail, I've never had to pay customs/taxes.

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Because I have no cutting tools and buying them would be more expensive than getting the pickguard hehe... Yeah I do have the old template. I just want a custom one for now. And yes, it's a Charvel model 1a, sorry I copied that from a forum where I show off my guitars a lot :D

The DiMarzio AirZone is a pickup I just sold that brought me my first money into my paypal account.

I can only pay through paypal, that's my main problem :D

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