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Hvlp Vs. Regular Spray Guns


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First up: I sprayed my first 7 guitars with a cheapie, regular gravity feed gun, recently bought a SATA MiniJet 'conversion' HVLP gun (runs on a regular compressor), and the difference is huge.

Part of it is the quality of the gun; cheapie versus top of the line. Part of it is the HVLP; you get a lot more material ON the guitar, and a whole lot less overspray. Takes a bit of getting used to, fine-tuning the gun itself, but the SATA is worth every cent I payed for it. The better control and significantly reduced overspray/material savings is worth it.

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Got Un-Lazy and checked my MiniJet: 1.0mm regular tip. Works a charm.

I like the size of the MiniJet; light enough, more than enough material in the cup for a full coat, and it's small/precise enough to do well controlled bursts if you don't have an airbrush. Methinks I'll be sticking with SATA as a brand. Great stuff.

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'SR' stands for 'Spot Repair'; the spray pattern is different, and it's designed for touching up small areas. Might be a nifty solution for, say, bursts or similar, but at that point I'd get the airbrush conversion kit for the MiniJet. I talked to SATA tech support, told them what I was planning to do with it, and they reccomended the regular, not the SR tip.

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