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Tricky Finish Question.

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I wasn't sure exactly were to put this one, in Solidbody Guitars and Basses

or this one.

Okay, So I've been looking for an Ibanez SR5 neck or compatable for a few years now on the 'bay. I have an Ibanez Sr885 body, but no neck. So miracle of miracles, in the last month or two there has been two of such necks. I didn't get the exact neck the first time, but the second time I happened to come across an SR5 styled neck with the angled heel. The deal was it was being sold with Korn's signatures all over it. Now I like Korn and all, being a Metalhead foremost, but I got it because I really wanted a proper bass neck. Call me insane, but although its signed I still plan to mount it on a body. Now here's the question:

Is there a way to spray laquer over the signatures without utterely destroying or erasing the names entirely? Or is this just a pipe dream of a bassist with ambition?

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You should be able to clearcoat over that, but since it is a newer guitar, I would think it would have a poly finish. Minwax DOES make a clear poly, in a spray can. Maybe that's the way to go.

Personally, I'd get rid of the signature, if it was me. If that's not why you bought it, use it for your intentions. I'm personally not a big fan of them, anyway, but to each his own, right?

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Take a picture and make a decal and then you can paint with poli, nitro or whatever you want and your signature will be safe.

I have a friend and want the same, it has a Kiko Loureiro signature and want to cover woth something, but its an RG320 and for me its not woth, but he is like o men its kiko loureiro signature i need to do this.

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