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Disassembling A Warlock?

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Taking apart a guitar should be fairly self explanatory, the majority of parts are just screwed in, so take your time and take them off the body of your guitar, MAKE SURE you keep all the parts safe ready for when you have refinished your guitar :D

Heres the refinishing tutorials


Hope this helps dude

~~ TS ~~

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I use icecube trays or fishing tackle storers (those plastic boxes with lots of little plastic drawers in them) to store the parts so tat you know what goes where and what screws into what and so on.

Just take some photos if you aren't confident you will know where things go back, label the hardware you remove in a way you will know where it goes.

Also, use the right tools to take it apart... making do with the wrong size screw driver and ending up with stripped screws will make you cry.

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