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Satch Move...


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You know that Satch's move when he gets that screaming harmonic with his both hands in the bridge pickup and whammy area? How does he do that? Any opinions?

mullmuzzler | OSSMT

I would believe (can't test it right now) it's simply the location of the 3rd octave harmonic and the sound produced is the same as those you can get from the 3rd fretting area.

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I think he drops the trem with his left hand, plays a pinch harmonic with his right hand and slowly lets go of the trem.

Yeah, that is how I tried to do it... I mean, it worked, but wasn't the same... I guess I'll have to try the third octave harmonic as Gorecki suggested...

And his FRED can make harmonics out of the baseball bat!!! :D


mullmuzzler | OSSMT

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(massive edit)

It's quite simpler than you think.

He rings out an artificial harmonic on an open string (i.e. 6th - e)

While his right hand is partially over the trem bar its not pushing the bar, his left hand is anchored on the lower cutaway of his guitar and with his fingers he pushes the trem bar.

He controls his sound (notes) with his trem bar and often pushes/release/pushes/release pattern..

BUT before you try doing this.. if you plan to. You have to master the Dive Bombs, which is MUCH easier relative to this.. don't know what its called..

The Dive Bomb is when he rings out either Artificial or Natural and Pushes the Bar, giving the "diving" sound as the note goes lower, and sometimes the "scoop" if he bring the trem bar back up.

Not to say I CAN do that 2 hand complex whatever-he-calls-thing.. I just know how.. :D

If there's any Satch fan out there. I recommend the "Cool #9 from G3 Live with Eric Johnson" 1997 i believe.. the original version isn't as funky as this.



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