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Duplicolor Clearcoat

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Im painting sort of a side project right now for fun and I used an automotive duplicolor black for the back, and used oil based paints over top of that for some designs i did. I was just wondering if anyone has ever used duplicolor clearcoat and gotten good results. I would also like to know if there is another finish in a rattle can I can use for better results. Minwax poly seemed good to me last time, but im not sure how it will work with the oil based paints. Thanks


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The Dupli-Color clear stuff isnt the greatest stuff ever. It's acrylic lacquer, according to the can. It's not very dent, oil or anything repellant, but it buffs and sands out mega easy, and looks great when done right. I did my saga with all dupli-color paints:


As you can see, I poorly sanded it out(among other things) but it buffs mega easy and looks good. I hand buffed that btw.

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cool, i like those results, I'll probably use this stuff. I should have some progress pics up pretty soon, i got the base... design... done today... so now im gonna put a clear coat on, then do some more graphics and then put on the top coat.


I learned this the hard way. :D

It does not cure well and will remain soft for at least a year.


the dupli-color lacquer colors seem to dry faster and harder than the clear.

My guitar has been finished since last June and its still soft. If I play the thing sitting down, my jeans will leave an imprint on the guitar. Its getting better with time but still unacceptable.

I'm not the only one that has had problems with this. This is a known problem. Dupli-color clear is only meant to be sprayed 1-2 coats max (dupli color customer service guy)


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