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Newbie Here

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Hy Guys!

I'm a huge Ibanez Fan(i have an Ibanez EX series)...

Now...i would realy like to make my own electric guitar...something like

RG or JAM stile but i dont know where i can find the shematics....

I have downloaded all the tutorials from projectguitar.com..because i have

never worked with wood(im a medic student :-)

I know that this won't be easy as it look in the tutorials but i will trie enyway!!!

I just have to!

I hope that someone can help me find the shematics for the body and neck...

Help a NEWBIE! :D

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It won't take long to find out if you like it or not.. I had miles of obstacles to go around that I had no idea would come up... and I know there is alot more challenges to come.. But if you enjoy it, and understand from the start that your first couple of guitars.. umm might not be first class.. then you won't be setting yourself up for failure like I did.. So, Good Luck and please read more than I did before you get started.. lol...

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The one thing that I would recommend paying attention to is the fretboard vs. nut vs. bridge radius issue. If you are planning on building a guitar with a Floyd trem, you will find that most locking nuts are made to a 10" radius. You can get a fretboard with a single radius or compound. Lastly, the bridge itself has a radius that is usually 10" (original Floyd) or 14" (Schaller Floyd). Using the 14" bridge with a 10" fretboard will create some setup problems. There are many ways to deal with all of these issues but knowing that they exist is very important when starting out.

Let me know if you need more info - hope you enjoy it,


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Thanks Guys....looks like i have found what i need....

But it is in some strange format...sow I'm now

downloading some new software to reed the files...

I was thinking about trus rod...I'm not shure that i will know to set the hole thing up! :D

Sow i was thinking maybe it would be bether to make a Neck Thru Body-and I'm not shure but i think that then i woun't need trus rod...maybe i'm not right but i think that it would be easier... :D

i would like to have the same neck as it is on my Ibanez EX(a it older guitar-from 1992)...i think that it's some kind of a Wizard neck but i'm not sure..oh and i would realy like it to have a reverse headstock(i go crasy vhen i see one...ibanez ofcourse)...

Body should be like JPM or RG or JAM...i'm not shure but i realy like JPM B)

The color...i'm not sure...maybe black or JPM finish....look at me-i'm talking about the finish and i haven't started yet....silly me!

Once again thanks to ya all!

I'll be seeing you later!

Rock On :D

(i just love these smily peple)

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C'mon people I realy Need some one to ansver my question...i'm thinking of makeing a rg like guitar with ibanes reverse headstock...but if this trus rod **** is realy needed on a neck thru guitar i'm afraid that i will have to cancel the holle thing!!! :D:D:DB)

Please help me....Please!!!! B):DB)

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You don't have to have a truss rod but they do come in handy, some people just put a couple of reinforcement rods in their necks so there are no adjustments and others don't put anything in at all.

Truss rod's are pretty cheap though and not as hard to install as you would think :D

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I have used the stewmac hotrod truss rod without any difficulty. Just route a straight channel, plop it in and that's it. Knowing how to adjust it may take a little reading later but well worth it. Without one you may be left dealing with poor action, buzzing, and possibly not being able to play the guitar. It all depends on your skills. I was alittle worried about the whole truss rod thing when I started but it is really one of the simplest parts of building the guitar (at least when using the hotrod).

The hotrod does not need anything other than the straight channel. The only thing you need to work out is where the rod should end (just under the nut usually). Plan it out so you can access it with a wrench. If you have any questions on it, let me know.


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