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Help With Pickups!


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Hi i have never changed pickups in a guitar before. I have a Ibanez GAX70. I am going to put two duncan performer detonators in it, but this is all new to me. I have a diagram that i got from the Ibanez website. First iam wondering if this is a fairly easy task to preform, second i am wondering if any one has good links that might help me do this. Iam scared of messing somthing up.

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If you are just replacing the pickups (not doing any mods, i.e. coil-splitting, phasing, etc.), it will be a fairly easy process as long as you can use a soldering iron.

As far as links, this should help.


Watch the one on the les paul. The two wirings (from the ibanez and the les paul) aren't too terribly different.

I don't know if they make the performer detonaters anymore (they aren't on duncan's website :D) so I don't know if they are two or four conductor pickups. If they are four, solder the red and white wires together. Then solder the black wires to thier corresponding volumes (in the same spot as the old pickups' white wire) and solder the green and bare wires to ground (the back of the volume pots). I honestly don't know the color code for two conductor duncans, so maybe someone else can help you out.

I hope my advice helps :D

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