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Pots For Tone And Volume


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I am using a pair of P90 pickups on my current tele project, I want to use 1 tone and 1 volume and am not sure whether to use 250K or 500K pots.

These are the pickups I'm using: Click Here


Is there a reason I should go with 500K? :D

I know teles and strats usually have 250k pots but those are with normal single coils. Should it be the same with P90s, what dose Gibson use for their P90 equipped guitars?

I need to know since I will be ordering the hardware to finish up my project soon, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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The Gibson P-90 equiped guitars I have actually torn apart have all had 500K with 0.022 tone caps (one was an SG style, the other two were LP style).

It's not really single-coil vs humbucking that makes the decision, and both Gibson and Fender have used both values - Fender even used 1 meg controls in Tele's for a while in the 70s - for both single coil and humbucker.

For what it's worth, I base the choice on the impedance of the pickups... humbuckers normally have a higher impedance than single coils. However IIRC, P-90s have a coil resistance up around 8.3 - 9.6K range making them closer impedance wise to humbuckers than most single coils.

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