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Tas! New Planes And Chisels


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That's the foreplane, right? Is that the standard or low-angle blockplane? Those are GREAT planes. I have the foreplane, standard blockplane & low-angle joiner.


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I really like my foreplane - not too big, not too small. Has a good weight to it, too. I bought a second blade for mine that I ground teeth into so I can use it on heavily figured wood without chipping.

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*has tool envy*

I mean, I've got my nice old #5 Stanley Baily, but I still wouldn't say no to a longer plane, and a nicer block plane. And I just blew my tool budget for the next few months on a nice set of hand-cut rasps and a bunch of files. And it's not like I need more planes, I just want more planes....and I'll just consider myself lucky that I don't really feel the slightest need to buy Japanese chisels when good long-bladed 'western' ones serve me so well. Small mercies, eh?


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