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Basic Flaming Tutorial


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I have bought a pot of red water soluble dye, and I have applied and trimmed my veneer. Could someone explain to me exactly, incluidng details of when/how much to sand and when/how much to laquer etc how to achieve this look:


There doesnt seeeem to be a 2 colour stain there, just a 3D effect only with red. I have dyed some scrap veneer red and it does look a bit 3d, but the veneer is still a little rough. Should i sand smooth before staining and then stain and then laquer and polish? Or stain, sand smooth (which removes some stain) restain and laquer and polish?

Please help, this is basic but i couldnt find a good tutorial on it


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First of all, what kind of dye is it? The wrong stuff might not get you the look you want.

If it's concentrated stuff like Colortone, I'd follow this tutorial: Dan Erlewine staining tutorial

Otherwise, let us know what you're using.


edit - p.s. - whatever you do, try it out on scrap first!

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StewMac has the EXACT tutorial you're looking for on their website here:


It starts by saying what you should sand to to begin with, then how/how many times you should apply your dye (and it only uses ONE dye color like you want :D )

and hten how to finish it. I find it's a very good tutorial. I'm using the jist of it to finish a guitar right now (with a couple changes) but for what you need it should be EXACT.


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