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Air Compressor Problem


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My air compressor just decided he wont work with me anymore. :D

It is a 8 atmosfere presure and it pumps only at little under 2.

If anyone would know the reason for that please post your opinion.

Any help will be greatly apriciated


there are quite a few things that could cause a lack of pressure. the first and easiest thing to check is the intake filter. not knowing what type of compressor you have i can't tell you where it is but it will be on the head somewhere..if there's a cowling on yours take it off and look for a grill of some sort with a fiberous filter. take it out and clean it with water...unless you've been spraying a lot of paint and then you made need to clean it with some sort or thinner. while it's drying turn your compressor on and place your hand over the place where the filter was and see if you can feel the compressor trying to suck in air. then put your filter back in and see if the cleaning helped.

another possibility is that the intake or output valve is worn out. they are inside the head and are generally a thin reed type valve and pretty easy to replace if you find that one or the other is broken or worn around the edges. refer to your owner's manual for instructions on replacing them.

you might also check your air flow valve..if your compressor has one..and make sure that it's setting hasn't been changed and is functioning properly.

that's all i can think of right now. it might help if you listed the name and model of your compressor. someone here may have direct experience with it.

good luck.

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