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Guitar Set-up Measurements From This Site?


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Hi sorry,

I stumbled on this great site while trying to get information on setting up my ES-335. Anyway I appreciate the set-up information immensly, but the site says the two following things that I'm not so sure about.

In setting/measuring nut height and neck bow, it recommends that string height should approx. be .005" above the first fret (for nut) and above the 7th fret for neck bow (when measuring using the technique described here: http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/trussadjust.htm)

My question is that .005" would be 1/200th of an inch - is that right?. I'm thinking they meant .05", or 1/20th of an inch? Anyone know for sure?? are we really talking about 1/200th of an inch. That would imply that correct relief on a solid body electric is between 1/200th of an inch and 3/200th of an inch (which is essentially zero relief I would think)?

Not trying to be an arse, just really trying to figure out what is considered "correct" Thanks - and by the way I am learning lots reading through this site. Cheers


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