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...just To Add To The Mahogany Posts :)

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I just got a 40" X 7" X 2" piece of Phillipine Mahogany, the 'crappy' stuff, for $10.

I'm trying to decide what would be the best use for it.

Cut it lengthwise and have 20+ quarter inch thick pieces for neck laminates or just use it for 1 body.

I'm thinking that using 2 per neck, for example: Maple|Luan|Maple Veneer|Luan|Maple wouldn't be as bad compared to a possible bad sounding body because there'd be less of the wood in the picture?

Would a body from this wood be that bad?

Hope that made sense, thanks for any advice!!!

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I don't think Luan's necessarily 'bad' sounding, but don't expect it to sound like mahogany, because it's not even in the same family (unlike the African varieties). It's less stable wood, but might do fine in a good laminated neck. I've seen a few bodies made from Phillipine mahogany, looked nice enough, although people didn't seem to love working the wood (reporting it was splitty, finicky, that sort of thing, everything Mahogany's not, s'much).

If the weight's right, I'd say turn it into a body, maybe chambered and capped if it's a touch heavy, and use something more tried and true for the neck.

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