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Won't Stay In Tune

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My older Ibanez is a decent feeling guitar and I like playing it, but it won't stay in tune for crap. It has the cheap open tuner pegs on it. If I replace them with closed tuners, would it help? The bridge and nut are decent also. I'm looking for a cheap fix if possible for an axe I plan to give to my kid.

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It has a trem, so I think I'll try lubing the nut and a new set of tuners. If that doesn't work, I can always use the parts for my first guitar build. Thanks.

Most tuning problems I've encountered were the fault of the nut, not the tuners. Try the graphite, and if that doesn't work, you might take it to a tech an see if the nut needs to be touched up or replaced. I'm not saying the tuners aren't at fault, but if you replace them and it turns out to be the nut's fault, you'll be out about $40.

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Another posibility can be the tuner holes are too big and the tuning key is moving in the hole causing the problem. Is the problem specific to a particular string or are the all having a tuning issue?

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