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Schematic For Sunrise Mag And Piezo Pickups?


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Hope to make a few friends around here!

I'm looking for a circuit diagram to build a buffer/pre-amp for use with my Sunrise soundhole magnetic pickup and my k.k sbt pickups. The mag gives quite a low output compared to the piezo pickups, so the mag side may need a bit more gain. I've built 2 of the Tilman fet preamps and they work quite well but i was looking for something with a bit more headroom and perhaps a bit more gain. 18 volt supplies seem to be the rage to get more voltage swing and perhaps higher headroom? I've scanned the board but not really found anything that fits the bill, can you point me in the right direction. This unit will be strap mounted and be feeding a Ravenlabs PMB 1(blender) at the othe end of the cable.

Thanks from the UK.

Vikki. :D

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