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$7 Ace Hardware Stud And Knob Puller


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First off, buy there parts from ACE hardware. They don't have to be exact, just relative. You need a plastic pipe piece and a screw in cap for it, a rubber )-ring from plumbing that's the same diameter as the pipe's end, a bolt longer than the pipe and a wing nut for it, and one piece of copper piping.



1) Glue the rubber O-ring to the bottom of the pipe.


2) Drill a hole slightly larger than your bolt in the middle of the pipe cap.


3) Use a hammer to shape the copper into a more "square" shape and drill another hole slightly larger than your bolt in one side.


4) On the opposite side of the copper pipe drill a hole slightly larger than your pot shafts and/or ports and use a grinder on your Dremel to shape it into an opening like shown.


5) Cut the copper pipe in half (a size that will fit INTO the plastic pipes opening)

6) Find a way to fit the bolt through ONLY the top hole in the copper pipe and glue it in place.


7) Put the bolt and copper pipe fixture up through the now connected plastic pipe and cap and finish off with the wing nut.


The rubber will protect your wood/finish. Just slide whatever you wanna pull off into the copper pipes "opening" and then tighten the wing nut til it comes off/out. Works like a charm! I've even used it on a clear coat that had been dry for less than a day and it didn't harm it a fraction!


PS: USE COPPER PIPE! it's soft. ANything else and you'll NEVER get it to work.

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No i meant for knobs, didn't see the stud puller part. You can slide a t shirt under a knob. Wrapp it around itself a few times so the knob is trapped and pull. It'll come right off. As far as studs go I take the threaded part of the stud out and put in a longer bolt of the same pitch. Bottom out the bolt and keep turnin, it'll pop it right out.

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