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Hey guys I have been searching the forum for quite a few pages and found some great info, but nothing so far that answers my question. I just got my little brother a starter guitar for a big wopping $50, but I noticed it has a pretty good amount of tremolo maybe alittle bit to much. Well my curiousity got the best of me so I took it apart and noticed that it has 3 500k pots and 2 .047uf Caps, which seems kind of funny to me, because there is no humbucker pickups only 3 single coil pickups. I know that changing the caps and pots can darken the sound a bit. So I guess my question is what value cap can I use to get a darker sound? I know I can change the pots, but there is no place around here for me to purchase any 250k Pots, and I really dont want to order anything until Im sure he WANTS to learn how to play, then once he is sure Im going to give him my Ibanez Jem. So is there any value I cap i can use, because god knows I HAVE atleast 300 different caps in my parts drawers :D

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