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Finally Made My Own Fuzz Pedal...

Thoughtless 7

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Its only taken me like a month to get the motivation. I hit a problem about two weeks ago and it just wouldn't work, and it put me off, but this morning i finally had energy to tackle it and it works! (sorry for the crap quality of pic)


I won't show you the other side because my soldering sucks major arse.

A big thanks to the person who told me about vero board!

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Now dress it up a little:


That's my fuzzface clone: the cookie fuzz. Hammond alumium enclosure, and screen printed cookie-monster, cleared over with eurethene. After building that, and a bass fuzz for my brother, and another fuzz for a friend, was reminded how much I hate soldering, and have been concientiously avoiding it since!

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Cool. You can get these aluminum enclosures from RadioShack that measure about 5"x3.5"x2" high for $2.99, and are fairly sturdy when I am done with them. The RS number is 270-238. I cut it down so that it stands about 1.25" high. Here is a Ge transistor fuzz pedal I just built for a friend using one of these boxes:







I would show you the top of it, but out of respect for the designer, I am keeping it a mystery. I wasn't thinking about where the battery was supposed to go on this build, so I had to improvise a little battery holder. There is plenty of room inside the enclosure if you move the bypass switch to one side.

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Looking good, T7 - ain't veroboard just a wonderment? :D Get those flying leads tucked in, and get 'er boxed up! And don't worry about your soldering - nothing hand-built is going to look like one of those wave-soldered boards with the pretty green soldermask in your computer. So long as it's shiny and there aren't any solder bridges, you should be fine. Now, if we could all just get our offboard wiring to look like Paul's - superlative work, as always, Paul!!

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