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Well, i've found out first hand that building a guitar without a template, that or the proper tooling... can be well difficult.

So i'd like to get some of the more experianced builders involved in this thread by posting pictures and tips on jigs of there own builds to help out the builders who are just begining.

Autocad drawnings, dimensioned pictures, or just simple instructions would be great.

Lets see how many tips, jigs and templates we can come up with.

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Dude, there's already another discussion re: posting pictures of jigs, and, well, templates? They're just templates. Shapes. Decide on it, get a CAD drawing if you really must, and can't just draw your own(google is your friend, become a supporter here for a few bucks and access the ones available here, standard things like pickup routes are in Melvyn Hiscock's book, or cost 5 bucks for a pre-made tempalte from StewMac, f'r instance).

Seriously, honestly, if making a template out of 1/4" or 1/2" plywood, plexi or MDF seems like it's difficult, complex work that requires massive amounts of tips and hints (here's my free one: concave curves are best shaped with drum sanders/round shaper, convex curves with flat things, because the drum sanders will tend to leave things bumpy), it's time for you to sit down, learn how to use the tools you have, and have a long, hard think about whether you're ready to tackle an entire guitar.

This entire forum, as well as a sizeable portion of the MIMF.com library (and forums), for acoustics the Luthiersforum.com (OLF), as well as the countless tutorials on the main site, as well as many personal webpages all around the net, they're ALL tips. Templates are templates are templates, not much magic to them, really, and have been discussed to death. Jigs are a great place for innovation and interesting new ideas, yes, but a bit of searching will turn up a ton of them, and that's what that other active thread is for already.

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