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Bogen Chb 100


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If you go on ebay and search bogen amplifier you can find the nicest amplifiers around for the price.

Think of this, a kit will cost you 300 bucks. I have bought ten bogen amplifiers all different wattage ratings from 10 to 100 watts for less than 30 buck each.

I know building an amp is a great learning experience, if thats what you are looking for.

if you want a cool deal some great tube amps then I would do the ebay thing.

hey guys just got one of these bogen 100w pa's off of ebay. whats the posabilty of one of you guys having a scheamatic? its pretty straight forward though prob not need other than prescribed voltages ad so forth.

havent received it yet so dont know if i will do the 6l6 coversion or not. any suggestions as i like the marshall brown sound but cant get enough of the fender pristeen cleans.

p.s. mine was $130 and that was after going through several actions!



robert latham

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