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Stripping A Painted Neck

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Hi all , i'm totally new here so forgive me i have posted this in the wrong part of the forums. I need some advice. I'm planning the start of a custom job on my ESP Explorer and i'm designing exactly what i want before i plunge in with both feet and start.

Anyway on the website (which is brilliant & and really helpful) it shows you how to strip a painted finish from a guitar body. Heat/Chemical/sanding.

My guitar has a maple neck of which the back is painted the same as the body. how would i go about removing the paint safely without damaging the rosewood fretboard?

And after it is stripped, could i lightly re-sand the back gently (so i dont change the contour) and then lacquer the back to make it really smooth?

Many thanks


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strip it like you would a body, but tape off the fret board and the side of the fretboard. Oil would work better for what you want with the neck i think, it would be smoother/faster than most laquer and its a lot easier to apply, danish or tung oil would both work.

Cool thanks for the info, it really helps. Would i apply this oil you recommend straight into the bare wood and will the neck absorb it enough as to not leave a residue on my thumb when playing? Suppose that treatment would be like LemOil for the fretboard which you could re-apply on string changes etc.

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