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Removal Of Pickup Cover


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Just wondering if anyone knew of a thread or had experience in this. It sees fairly easy but once upon a time a long while back I tried this on an old Epiphone pickup and all I got was wax all over the place.

Here's the specs:

2004 Gibson Les Paul Studio. I want the covers to be black (just like the chrome, but flat black). I can get the covers, but I wanted to know if there was anything more to it than just unscrewing the screws.

Also will a double-black model (ala Seymour Duncan JB non covered) fit under these covers in case I need coil tapping functions?

Sorry for vague questions. I bought this stuff on Ebay this weekend so nothing has arrived yet for me to tinker with.



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You should be able to remove the cover from the humbucker simply by removing the solder holding the cover to the base of the humbucker.

True...there is a thread somewhere cause I've answered before. The cover is held on only buy the solder on each side of the cover and the back of the pickup. Besides removing the pickup, don't remove screws!

Now to remove the solder, you can get some stuff called solder wick...basically it is just a copper braid...you heat this up on the solder join and it kind of sucks it up by a wick effect. If you have some scrap shielded cable this braided shield will work at a pinch. It can be done with out, you may have to lever the cover gently, as when you do heat the join, sometimes the solder will run even further into the join. You may need a little more heat because of the size of the metal than general wiring, but not so much as to melt the wax of the pickup itself...

Good luck....pete

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