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Cheap Buffing

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Ok so you want to buff, lets get a buffing arbour, some pads, compund and stuff. Total would probrably be at $300 before you make a start.

I for instance, have these exact things in my school's workshop. But then I wanted to use some elbow grease, and guess what, I got the extact same finish with $10 worth of supplies than $300.

How? I went down to the local music shop. Bought some Gibson gloss polish and jim dunlop fret polishing pads. And viola, all you need to get a shiny glossy nitrocelluose finish. (psst...it also helps to have good arms).

As I have dicovered before, sand flat and smooth the guitar...then brasso the guitar, then press and rub really hard with the 8000 grit fret polish, add some gibson gloss polish and rub again with fret pad, rub down smooth with fingers and tissue. THats is. With a bit care and effort and patience, it is very possible to get a glass like finish with less than $10.

THis is my 2cents contribution...Enjoy

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