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Router Bit Brands


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OK, I KNOW there was a thread on this already, but I was just searching for like 30 minutes and couldn't find it!

What's the consensus on different companies? We all know that CMT or whatever brand is good, as is whiteside, and Freud. but what about like the homedepot ryobi and porter cable ones?


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I have always used Infinity Tools and have NEVER been disappointed. You will find there are tons of different companies out there though, so use some that fit your budget. Most are pretty good. I have used the Ryobi roundover bits and they work great. Hell for that matter I have a set from Harbor Freight that are decent. My only complaint on those is the bearings, but bearings can be replaced. I only use those for light duty stuff though.

Amana Tools makes some great bits also, although they can be a bit pricey... I bought their Superrabbet bit with the replaceable blades with their biggest collar kit, and it set me back $250... but boy does it cut nice, and the blades are sharp on both sides and one side lasted me about a year of rabbetting MDF... The bulk of my good bits do come from Infinity though.... They are definitely worth a looking at, as they have some great top bearing bits reasonably priced.

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