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Potential Bass Project

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A couple of months ago I got a bass exactly like this one at a car boot sale...


Just wondering what you guys think's worth doing with it. Currently it needs rewiring from scratch, but beyond that I don't know what to do with it. It's only a plywood body, so I'm undecided whether I should make/buy a solid wood body for it. Opinions?

Primerally I'm a guitarist, so this would only be using this for fooling about and maybe recording with. As a hard-up student I can't really afford to spend a great deal on it.

So, what do you think reckon I could do to get the most out of it?

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Cherry axe man! If the body is solid you shouldn't have to worry about it immediately. Rewiring diagrams are available everywhere. Maybe if you weren't too crazy about it you can always get cheap parts on ebay, the worlds foremost auctioneer of crap.

Thats a great place if you are on a serious budget.

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